.♥ Love is For Suckers ♥ .

Never let her give up on your relationship.


She may come off strong right now, she may hide the pain, and she may forgive you every single time you do something wrong. But remember, once she’s had enough and you hear the words “I give up” and ” I can’t do this anymore”, trust me, she means it. It will be OVER.

Never abuse her love for you. Because once you lose her trust, you may never get it back, or worse, you may never get HER back.

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I do love him, this I do.

I just don’t know if I can do this anymore.

You walk out on me for stupid shit it’s okay I might cry at first think to my self I won’t get over it but in reality I COULD & I WOULD! Just don’t expect to come back like everything is okay, because i won’t let you back in!